In human diet, it is common to fulfill nutritional needs with food supplements as tablets and capsules. However, their efficacy of absorption is still a concern. Although recent innovations had made possible to create capsules that slowly release compounds or release it exactly in the nutrient absorption place (small intestine), the questions on nutrient’s solubility in body fluids and efficient absorption is still open.

Nutrients in a liquid form is considered to be a better choice in terms of solubility and efficacy. In liquids, the nutrients are already prepared for absorption — in a single-molecular form, ready to meet the cells of the endothelium. But before that, they need to pass the acidic environment of the stomach, where they encounter pH 1.5–4.0. Most of the nutrients hardly survive such an environment.

Miosol™ — innovative liquids, created in a collaboration between scientists, doctors and industry. The nutrients are encapsulated in a tiny microcapsules, called liposomes. Liposomes are invisible with the naked eyes, but can be felt in improved daily-life.

Miosol™ protect nutrients from gastric acids and enhance the absorption rates in the small intestine. Upon Miosol™ consumption, the balance of nutrients is restored sooner than one can expect.